My Cabrio: Under Restoration

Here you have some pics of my 1303 cabrio.
I've bought it last september, and I've started the restoration with the help of the NSG Friends.
You can see some pics of the first resto steps...


New Arrival!

A picture of my new panelvan...now the engine doesn't work, and there are some minor rusty spots...but we will fix them...stay tuned!


Coming Soon

Soon on our dirty route,
you can see Gio with his '68 original Ariasi tippertruck
in rat style restauration


Crazy idea

Buy a split pick-up and a panelvan,
cut them,
and then weld them togheter.

This is the result: a cool triple cab



1968 T2 pick-up in 80's style painting is now on sale in Milan

for info: tagliabuec@alice.it



Somewhere in Italy there are so many hidden jewels to discover



Vintage style like a family bus,


356 wheels - extreme details - screaming engine!!!
and when it passed the TUV, in Germany it is street legal

Congratulation to TheBugBox guys


Flashback: the Slimer

This was the Big Giac's first VW....
a NSG project of few years ago.
The original paint '83 Mex became a nice 70's style looker.
amazing rake, T-bars, double exhaust, tinted glasses, Lucas lamps,
and a new vinyl kustom dashboard with complete VDO instrumentation.
With the Slimer, the Giac was too much...


TiDi's 67 Cal-Look

...and here we have another beautiful car made by NSG...
This Cal-Look in origin was a peaceful 1200 '67, owned by an old gentleman who used to take the car for small runs around the green Brianza...but then...TiDi bought it...and the music changes from a Walzer to Hard Rock!
The car has a 1776cc. engine, with Weber 48IDA carbs, Sprintstar wheels with "period" tires and a cool dashboard, made with lexan (painted black) and Smiths instruments.
Now TiDi works in London...and the car rests in a dark garage, in Italy, dreaming the road...but we hope that, in a few time, "she" will run on UK streets!


Jimmy's Resto Vintage Bus

Here we have a masterpiece of our portfolio.
This '66 bus has been fully restored by Jimmy with the help of NSG and Antonio, who made the carbs linkage and the intake manifolds. This pics were made in Novara, the first meeting after the restoration..but we have other cool pics, made in Annecy, with a special guest...stay tuned to discover who he is!


NSG Landscape

Here you have a total view of the Nostalgia Speed Garage.
There are only few cars, we will present you all our Vws in the next posts...
From left to right, Fester's "sex" bus, Giovanni's rat tippertruck, Pole's cabrio (now under restoration) and Zenith's Cal Look.
The pic was shooted some months ago, we have do many things on our Vws in the meanwhile..stay tuned to discover them!