Nice Ass

What do you think?


Not only Baja1000

The mexican desert allows many private runs
You need only a stock bug, just to find the right height


Airkewld Project

$455 eBay acquisition to start

Add powder coated 17" Porsche wheels,

Hood with carbon fiber insert, carbon fiber decklid

and with other few touches it will be a perfect GermanLook

Follow the works here:


Full Garage

VW parking only....


1302 Oettinger Convertible 1972

Orange L20B paintwork, detailed Porsche Fuchs wheels...
Oil cooler, Driving lamps, Fog lights..
Vinyl steering wheel, Sport shifter, Additional gauges..

Special crankshaft, cylinder heads and twin carburetors.
this is the Oettinger TSV 1,8L engine.



Okrasa was founded in the 50's by Gerhard Oettinger to specialise in engine modification

This is a creature of the 80's,
painted bumpers with rubber strips, black painted particulars,
Oettinger badges, Lowered the right, ATS Wheels,
and Okrasa engine in the back