New pics from Iragna

New pics...but we have also other pics...stay tuned...


Pics from Iragna

Some pics from Iragna...we will post other photos tomorrow or later...


See you in Iragna!!

We will be there....and you?


Daily Driver

Davide uses his '68 bug every day to go at work,

with: Original Ansa exhaust
205Firestone rear
145 Michelin front

and NO Bumpers

Yes, he's an Hard man!!



'76 Bus for parts..

It helps my other bus now under restoration


Kool Location

Barn-find pics from Talloires with '66 Jimmy's Bus


My Cabrio: Under Restoration (pt.2)

New pictures of my cabrio restoration...from the bodywork through the paintwork to this days...


Cool Stuff from Germany...

Finally they arrive...a couple of shock absorbers for my cabrio front bonnet from GWD-weiser.de...they are a special item, because for 1303 there are no commercial parts like that...in the week end I'll mount them!


Shorty Bus

I've found this pictures on thesamba.com, and that was too cool for ignore them...so, here they are!
The description is " Built in the early eighties in Southern California. 1969 Front section,1972 rear tailight sections graphed in, 1967 ragtop roof, 911 front disc brakes,1977 IRS. Featured in Hot Rod magazine Sept 1985 and VW trends and one other French VW magazine. Original powerplant was a 1969 2.2 Porsche 911 engine. Great signed art work showing VW's and a 911 and One side has a sunset scene of downtown LA. The other side sunset of the ocean on the other side. Car had been sitting in a Barn in Virginia for over 10 years. Bringing back to life to fully restore to it's original coolness."


So high...or so low?

In this week-end we are making a general check-up to amoK's van. We have changed the exhaust system, front shock absorbers, and also the ordinary things like oil etc etc...
This picture shows the difference between Amok baywindow and Giaci's lowered one...quite a big height difference, don't you think?